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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Put it away love!

Jacket : Borrowed from Gabby (my housemate) from a charity shop
Crop polo neck : Matalan £5 + DIY
Jeans : American Apparel easy jeans 
Belt : Primark
Shoes : Gabbys via charity shop
Necklace : gift from La Moda available HERE

Ashlie Bag : Gift from La Moda available HERE

Double chain ring : Gift from La Moda
Spike ring : Topshop (old)

Sorry I've been shit at blogging guys, uni is not only boring and shit but I have to do stupid geography stuff with all my sare time. So stoked I got a package in the post from La Moda the other day!!!!!! Everything was lush so I couldn't wait to try it all out, Suzan (who's an absolute babe!!) sent me a few La Moda bags and a bunch of amazing jewellery which I love. You can check a bit more out on my instagram my username is Frankiegd, and I'm sure you'll see more in posts to come :) You should def check out their website HERE, loads of cool bags and stuff but hey aren't super expensive which is ace. This is a SUPER quick post, really want to nap before work :/ but I basically hated everything I tried on today so just borrowed a couple of cool bits off my flatmate, she has good taste yeah? LOVE the grand-daddyish jacket! Don't ask me why I'm wearing a crop top in Winter though...

That's it, sleep time :)