Wednesday 18 December 2013

DOING SOMETHING - Londons funnest dating site

Live gypsy swing music with twinkling fairy lights in the garden


Rapping like a bo$$ at Hip Hop Karaoke


Burritos and beers in Brixton market


Wassup wassup? Hey lovelies! So today I thought I'd attempt something slightly different, yes that is three date outfits you see up above. Not just any date outfits though, my babely friend Millie introduced me to what is possibly the coolest dating website ever - . Forget dinner with some awkward creep you met on Zoosk, you could be going on a date to see the penguins (free trip to London Zoo is always a winner), rap karaoke, ping pong in Dalston - the list goes on. Basically, all you do is sign up, think of something you'd like to do, someone who wants to do it with you will come knocking. Or, if you are lazy like moi you can peruse what dates the dudes of London are offering. Putting together an outfit for a date is HARD WORK, so I chose 3 of the funnest dates from the site and picked out what I would wear. Hopefully these outfits are guy friendly ;P Lies! IDGAF!

Go find a guy who's not a loser -

Lav and kisses!


  1. I love all of these outifits; totally rad!

  2. i literally want everything on that last outfit!
    I've got a ciaté paint palette giveaway up :) xo

  3. Quality, 3 best date situs if u ask me! those ASOS heels are gorgeous <3

  4. I love all three looks so much, you have such a great eye!

  5. I love absolutely everything you chose here! Your style is so inspiring!

    Xo, Hannah


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